Only The Libertarian Party Will Break The Mould Of UK Politics

Libertarian Party

Dan Liddicott – Midlands Coordinator

When you’re actively involved in an up-coming political party any mention in the news always brings a smile. Today that smile was provided by the article “Is the British political landscape ripe for a new centre party?” Alan Lockey, head of modern economy at Demos, argued that the time was right for a new centrist party, but it was Conservative commentator, Alex Deane, arguing against the motion, who gave the Libertarian Party the treasured mention. Unfortunately, Mr Deane was less than optimistic about the chances of any competition with the big two gaining traction.

In that assumption I believe Mr Deane is wrong.

To be fair to him, one thing Alex Deane is right about is that we in the Libertarian Party think we will “break the mould”. With plummeting popularity for both Labour and Conservatives, the approach of Brexit making UKIP defunct and the irrelevance of the Lib Dems, the timing is actually perfect for a new party. Not for a bog-standard centrist party, not for an obscure single-issue entity, nor for a party with £50m cash up front but nothing to stand for, but the time is right for the Libertarian Party which is none of those things. (more…)