New Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019

We’re delighted to announce that beginning now, and over the next few days, we are releasing our manifesto policies.

Constitutional Reform – A Written Constitution For Britain

Introducing the constitutional reform policy, Spokesperson Darren Andrews, said “the Libertarian Party’s new written constitution for Britain seeks to forever establish the idea that government should be founded upon, and in, the sovereignty of the people.” Echoing that sentiment Libertarian Party Chairman, Andrew Withers said of the new policy “we are bringing about a change that is long overdue, the people are sovereign, it’s time this was reflected in the constitutional arrangements of this country, it’s time for change.”

The constitution has received backing from libertarian representatives in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The constitutional reform Manifesto policy and the new written constitution will be published as separate documents.

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Constitutional Reform Policy >

Download Libertarian Party – A Written Constitution For Britain >

Defence Policy

Introducing the defence policy, Party Chairman Andrew Withers, said “a Libertarian Government would seek to avoid war, we will make no nation our ‘natural enemy’ and will seek good diplomatic relations and trade with all countries. However, any potential aggressor should be in no doubt of our willingness to defend our way of life and freedoms.”

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Defence Policy >

Education Policy

Introducing the education policy, Spokesperson Zoe Tidswell, said “a Libertarian government will leave students the freedom to pursue alternative educational avenues.”

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Education Policy >

Monetary Policy

Introducing the monetary policy Party Treasurer, Brian Vickery, explained “we believe that reform of the United Kingdom’s economic and political system will flounder without reform of the monetary system.”

We’re confident that our fresh look at the UK’s monetary system will be welcomed by those who have been disadvantaged by the status quo.

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Monetary Policy >

Firearms Policy

Introducing the firearms policy, Spokesperson Mike Lindsay, said “the Libertarian Party UK believes individuals should be punished for wrongdoing but licensed shooting should not be criminalised in a blanket fashion and our policies are to that end.”

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Firearms Policy >

Home Affairs Policy

Introducing the Home Affairs Policies, Spokesperson Dan Liddicott said “our Home Affairs policies seek to defend individual freedoms while maintaining individual responsibility.”

Download Libertarian Party Manifesto 2019 – Home Affairs Policy >




Speaking of the manifesto Party Leader, Adam Brown, said “we are at a cross roads in British Politics in which the next few years will decide the direction of travel for the foreseeable future. The parties who make up the Westminster cable have shown that they believe that the people are there to serve them, not the other way round.”

“Luckily we are also seeing a great deal of awareness in the general public who are starting to see how rigged the system is and are looking for an alternative. We are that alternative. We are the party that puts the rights of the individuals ahead of the rights of unions or donors. We are the party that will remove barriers to trade allowing the economy to stand on its own feet unencumbered by unnecessary regulations. We are the party that wants to remove political interference from your everyday life, freeing important services like Health Care and Education from political points scoring and putting them in the hands of the service providers or users, the people who know what is most needed. We are the party that wants to ensure that this country has a constitution that protects the individual and treats all parts of the country in an even manner.”

The Manifesto of the Libertarian Party has been built on 5 basic principles

  • That the overall effect of all our policies together shall decrease the size and power of the State.
  • That the rights of the individual are paramount and should be nurtured.
  • That the individual is better placed to understand what is in their best interest than the state.
  • That those who have power must be held accountable for their actions.
  • That power should be devolved so it is as close to the people who are affected by it as possible.