Libertarian Party to field General Election candidates

Date: Thursday 14th October 2019


As the deadline for the General Election passes, with Brexit discussions to the forefront, the Libertarian Party have confirmed five candidates around the country.


Their manifesto is built around the guiding principles of reducing the role of the state to one of protecting these rights, reducing the burden of taxation and devolving decisions as close to the people who they affect as possible – whilst enshrining these principles in a written constitution for the United Kingdom.


Party Chairman, Dan Liddicott heads the charge in North West Leicestershire. He refuted allegations that he could be detracting votes from Brexit-supporting Tory, Andrew Bridgen.


“Wouldn’t that be a wonderful first result for a Libertarian in the general election scene? If I can get enough votes to worry Mr Bridgen, then it will have been worthwhile.


“But if their polling is true, that Tories have a majority of 96 seats, then my standing is of no risk to them, and only to one candidate.


“It is also worth noting that Lib Dems and Greens are also standing to chip away at Labour from the other side. There is no sign of a pact in this neighbourhood. “


Party Leader, Adam Brown, said “We have seen from the last three years that our political system which so far has existed on a form of gentlemen’s agreement is not fit for purpose. We have a Parliament that is more unwilling than ever to honour the manifesto promises of its members.


“The time is right therefore for a written constitution which secures the rights of individuals and holds politicians to account.” Adam is standing in Chichester.


Andrew Kinsman in Crewe and Nantwich, Sean Finch in Sevenoaks and Glenville Gogerly in Stroud make up the quintet.


A copy of the Libertarian Party manifesto can be found on Their core belief is that all people have the right to live their lives in the way that they see fit, providing they are not harming others and are willing to extend the same right to those around them.

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  1. James says:

    Argh! I really want to vote Libertarian, but I live in Oadby and not in Leicester ‘proper’. Oadby has its own council. Does this mean I can’t vote Libertarian this election?

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