Vote Liberty

In this election, you have a chance to make your vote count; not necessarily between the major parties, who are both promising to spend your money in different ways. The choice is between authoritarian government and freedom.

Vote, if you can, for a Libertarian Party candidate. Party Leader Adam Brown in Chichester, Chairman Dan Liddicott in NW Leicestershire, Sean Finch in Sevenoaks, Glenville Gogerly in Stroud and Andrew Kingsman in Crewe & Nantwich are all excellent candidates.

If there is no Libertarian party candidate, you can vote to rid us all of the yoke of yet another layer of government, that being the European Union. Choose the local candidate most likely to assist the UK’s exit from the growing Federal Superstate, be they Conservative, Brexit Party or Independent.

But whatever you do, choose wisely

Choose Liberty.