The Liberty Rising Conference is nearly here. October 6th 2018 is your opportunity to join the debate on key policy areas as they affect libertarians and the UK at large. To make your views heard come and join the debate. Non-party members welcome.

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What is the event?

In a political environment that increasingly places barriers between voters and those in power, the Libertarian Party takes a refreshingly different approach. By opening debates on policy to party members and the public we will ensure every good idea is considered.

Open Debate, Discussion and Networking

Our “Join the Debate” conference takes the form of a series of public debates on key policy areas, in which we want to hear your views on a range of policy areas as they affect libertarians and the UK at large.

These will be led by Libertarian Party activists with significant audience participation to really thrash out these issues. We will encourage all attendees to ask questions and get involved in the debates.

We will be inviting a number of think tanks that conduct policy research in these areas to improve the quality of the debate.

Who may attend?

Anyone aged 16+ with a valid ticket.

Non-party members also welcome.

Because this conference is not a party AGM we’re inviting everyone with an interest in libertarian policy making to come along and make their views heard.

What are the conditions for members tickets?

If you get a members ticket you must have a valid fully paid up membership on the day of the conference and bring your membership card. You may need to renew your membership to make sure this happens.

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When is the event?

Sat 6 October 2018
09:30 – 16:30 BST

Where is the event?

MK Conferencing
Strudwick Drive
Milton Keynes

On site parking available, arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Venue is 10 minutes walk from Milton Keynes Central railway station.

What people are saying about our last conference…

Vít Jedlička
President of Liberland

“It is critical to have parties such as the Libertarian Party in the UK that are pushing the boundaries of freedom. These conferences are essential tool of spreading the message.”

Mike Lindsay
Journalist and Gun Rights Advocate

“I was glad I made the short flight over to London to attend the last conference and would love to get to the next one. It was refreshing to find a party in the UK with Libertarian principles and the speakers were not only entertaining but had well thought out points.”

Ruth Dudley Edwards
Journalist, Author and Broadcaster

“Having been very impressed by the quality of the debate here last year, I’d be there this time if I weren’t in Belfast.”

David Ewing

“Upon attending my first LPUK conference in January, I was very impressed with the party and its membership. I look forward to another opportunity to interact again in October.”

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