Libertarian Party Lottery

The Libertarian Party Lottery is a fun and easy way to support the Libertarian Party in its campaigns whilst also possible winning a cash prize amount.

Most parties big and small have their own raffles for their party members to help raise funds for their causes … so it only makes sense that we do the same to further our aims for a small government.

The way it will work is simple, it will run every month with one draw at the end of the month to determine the winners.
Each entry will cost £2 and the number of entries someone can purchase is entirely up to them. You will be allocated a number for every entry you purchase which will be entered into the draw and selected at random in the last day of each month.

The prizes are calculated in the following way (based on the value of the tickets sold):

  • 50% will go straight to the party for its war chest.
  • 30% will be allocated to 1st place
  • 15% will be allocated to 2nd place
  • 5% will be allocated to 3rd place

To help explain here is an example where £1000 of tickets are sold:

  • £500 would go to the party
  • £300 would go to the 1st place
  • £150 would go to 2nd place
  • £50 would go to 3rd place

But of course, the amount you win will always depend on the amount of entries we have in each month.

Recurring Entry

One-off Entry

The Libertarian Party Lottery is registered as a Small Society Lottery with Brighton & Hove City Council, registration number 2018/03144/LOTTN.